* Photo: Eurasian Lynx by Jimmie Durham – Venice Art Biennale 2019

The tamed person with tamed mind craves tamed things. Deprived of his innate wilderness, he operates at a certain level as a link in the system, serving materialistic interests rather than exploring and following that which he is destined for. The fears of the tamed person drain his strength, they take away from his acute judgement and motivation, and little by little, he loses his power to resist against the invasive outer influences of: manipulation, spiritual enslavement, financial security, promises of a bright future and answered prayers. In fact, if we have to compare the TP to something, then he would be the shell of a nit that is empty on the inside. A hollow gap, nothing in the shape of something. That is why the following cannot be expected of the tamed person:
To take brave decisions
To keep his promises and claim responsibility
To be a good friend
To bring joy and happiness
To act creatively
To lead the world in a certain direction
To love himself and the ones around him
To keep you warm
Not because he doesn’t want to but because he cannot.


However, there are some things you can expect from a TP
To betray you more than once
To hurt you /even if unintentionally/
To taint you with his fears
To take from your faith
To drag you down with his own helplessness
To pull you back or slow you down
To make you doubt your own abilities
To question your untamed decisions.
Not because he wants it but because he cannot understand you.


The search for the things that are unexplored and different is a fundamental part of human nature and tameness is that other thing, which you have no need of.
And no, this text is in no way trying to create another separation, nor is it pointing a finger at the people who lack wilderness. There is no room for more lynches in this world.
The purpose of the words which you are reading is to make you reflect on your place on the scale of tameness – wilderness. Search within yourselves, seek the answers you need and reflect on: what your dreams are, what you want to do with your life, what is the thing you most need and the thing that brings you warmth and joy. Where are you right now, at this particular moment? Close or far away? The good news is that returning to your true selves, your true nature, can be done whenever as long as it’s desired. The fastest way back is to search, find and take untamed decisions: choose not that which is easy but that which makes your heart beat fast; not that which is secure but that which generates ideas; not reconciliation – but revolution.
The untamed person with untamed instincts is attracted to untamed beings. Filled with the invigorating power of freedom, he is in harmony with his divine /creative/ self. Always eager for new ideas, he searches and finds untamed ways for making them come to life.  

Darina /L.Y.R.A./

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