BANER lyra



L.Y.R.A. is a project by Darina Palova /Rina/ and Dimitar Palov /Nigor Pilnatsa/ aimed to create Ritual art. They are artists and lawyers who live and work in Bulgaria. Darina and Dimitar are also the organizers of the Old School Residency – Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria – They have been organizing various art events since 2010.
In 2012 L.Y.R.A. started their work on creation and development of Ritual art /RA/ as a form of art. The idea for its creation is a result of continuous search for a modern and conceptual vision of art that integrates the principles of rituals and ancient knowledge. At the heart of Ritual art are the ideas of the Manifest 2012 of the Old School Circle for the Beginning of the New World.
Ritual art follows a clear goal of public significance that goes beyond the familiar and known, and at the same time is understandable outside the limits of planet Earth. In 2014 L.Y.R.A. developed the idea for Star Ritual art /STAR RA/.
The main principles of the Ritual art are the following:
/1/The artist uses the methods of ritual in creation of the work, its exhibiting /presentation to the audience/ and its future movement in time and space.
/2/The particular work is only the outer expression of a concept, and the ritual of its creation, presentation and future movement in time and space is its actual substance. But everything in this process is connected and one part of the whole cannot exist without the other.
/3/Therefore – a piece of art must be not only the particular work, but also the process of its creation, presentation and future movement in time and space.
/4/The actions of the artist – during the descripted process – should have symbolic meaning.
/5/The final result – ritually created piece of art /seen as described above combination/, should aim at achieving a specific and clear public significant purpose.
In their works L.Y.R.A. mix the old knowledge and symbols with principles of modern physics / quantum theory and theory of relativity/ along with legal/ political models and techniques. Their works are ritually created imaginary sanctuaries including paintings, collages, texts, objects and performances. Each work is a result of previous research and study of the specific topic. At the end of this process the accumulated knowledge is incorporated in the work.
L.Y.R.A. work with the idea that every ritual artist is a creator and legislator who works in a peaceful and balanced state of mind to be able to perceive the fundamental unity of the Universe. Only in this case its actions create interactions that dynamically change and transform the Universe.